1970 Triumph Bonneville 650 Engine for Sale

Up for sale is a 1970 650 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle engine. It is a “basket case”.


It got this way because someone built a chopper and hooked the oil lines up backwards. There was damage done and that was the end of the fun, but fortunately they were only riding it around the neighborhood and the damage was minimal for what it could be, like if the pump quit on the highway.

The crankshaft will have to be turned and undersized bearing installed. As you can see from the pictures, the pistons look pretty good, although I would bore it. Right now the pistons are .020″ oversize. The cylinder head needs a valve job and there is one corner that needs some attention. It has a helicoil in it now, and that probably worked okay, but it could use a better repair. Other than that when this engine was running it ran well.

The transmission is good as is the primary and clutch. It could use a chain tensioner shoe.

The rockers are in good working shape.

I have done quite a bit of cleaning on it, like blasting the cylinders and glass beading the head. I also washed everything up well and inspected it. The main bearings for the crank are in decent shape too. Cosmetically it needs attention. This was apparently chromed many years ago.

Everything is well organized in bags and boxes. Everything you see is what I have. I don’t have the cover hardware, but important stuff like head bolts and what not are there.

There is also some extra parts like motor mounts and oil etc…

I will provide bill of sale, as there is no title.

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